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Google Changed for Good

Monday, November 28, 2011

 Used and new modular building, listings and prices from local suppliers. matches buyers with
local modular building suppliers. 
GBM Marketing’s web site has been online since 1998 as a resource for buyers and suppliers of modular buildings, portable classrooms and a variety of structures used for commercial and residential spaces. Initially the web site was launched as an information source complete with articles, videos and advertising to attract visitors with an interest in either buying or renting a modular building. The site also served as a reliable resource for suppliers of modular structures to find information, source products and connect with potential buyers. Today visitors can still find important product and industry information on iModular but it is abundantly clear that the site has one major new and improved goal – help buyers connect with their local modular building suppliers to get the space they need at the best possible price – within minutes. 

“After several years of monitoring our web traffic through the reporting tools that Google provides we noticed a clear trend with prospects requesting prices for used and new modular buildings, portable classrooms and temporary mobile offices. This along with the growing demand for online sales leads from modular manufacturers, dealers and brokers nudged us into a sales lead generation business model and away from a purely advertising and content model,” stated Matt Banes, GBM Marketing’s Senior Partner and Co-Founder.

“We learned a lot from Google and our numbers are proof that the search and landing page optimization and content strategies we use are working. Google's Analytics and Webmaster tools empowered us to set up and test pages with a variety of content for visitors to react and respond to. The results revealed lead generation trends from month to month that were nicely aligned with the sales and marketing trends I've followed in the modular building industry since the early 90's," Banes explained.

The way works is based on a very simple process. Visitors looking for a modular structure arrive at the site after using one of any number of key words or phrases in a search engine. No matter what page the prospect lands on they will find a very obvious request for a free price quote in the form of a banner or link. Once clicked this link will refresh to a form that is quick and easy to complete and once it’s done the inquiry is matched with qualified suppliers willing and able to meet the prospect's space need. Within hours, sometimes minutes, the person requesting information will receive no more than four calls from matched local suppliers. From that point forward it’s a matter of selection on behalf of the buyer. iModular's service saves customers research time and money simply by creating a competitive bidding scenario among eager suppliers. 

In 2010 generated thousands of sales leads that were purchased through affiliates and advertisers each interested in being "first to call" prospects from all walks of the business to business world. Schools, daycare center programs, churches, hospitals, government and major industrial corporations continue to use to source temporary and permanent modular spaces for a variety of needs. Among the numerous users are reputable brands such as YMCA, KinderCare, Bechtel, Johnson Controls, DuPont, US Army, FEMA, Disneyland and Honeywell.

It’s obvious that didn't lose any steam in 2011. The company has reported sizeable growth in its overall number of leads generated and conversion rates are up by several percentage points over years prior. With plans to launch new web sites and broaden lead generation services into European markets the future is coming together, or should we say "snapping together" for and its publisher GBM Marketing, Inc.

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