Thursday, November 19, 2020

Where are people finding great Podcasts?

Where you should publish your Podcast
One thing is for sure in 2020...we've all made significant changes to our work habits and how we manage our businesses. Whether it's having more Zoom meetings than in-person presentations or creating more content for our web site visitors, this is a new reality that requires some out of the box thinking. Speaking of "thinking", have you noticed how many millions of people are working on their personal and professional development now that working from home is the new norm?

Podcasts, videos, eBooks, and online radio have all seen a surge in listeners in 2020, and the trend will easily continue for years to come. A major part of this trend is professional development. For example, people working from home are listening to more Podcasts and watching more videos to learn about the skills they need to maximize their work performance. Broad level topics like leadership coaching, resilience training, and team building are gaining popularity in search engines along with more specific skill topics like search engine optimization, content optimization, and business writing.

So, where are most people finding Podcasts published by their favorite gurus? Thanks to and the chart above you can see the top platforms most frequently used by people wanting to access Podcasts. If you've used any of these you probably have your favorite for various reasons. Costs, ease of access, tools, etc. 

Now that you know which platforms are most popular start thinking about how this information can be used for your business. Learning something new about your profession, your market or even your competition is a good start. Or, how about teaching prospective clients about your industry or sharing helpful tips about how to make smart decisions buying your product or service? Creating a Podcast and making it available to the world may be the best thing to come out of this crisis for you and your business...or maybe even for your dream customer!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Are Your Superstar Employees Suppressing Other's Productivity?

We've all been conditioned to believe that superstars are required to accomplish huge victories in everything from sports to business...until now! In this Ted Talk, Margaret Heffernan uses a humorous but factual analogy of what she refers to as "super chickens" to kick off her observations of how employees can accomplish incredible results using some surprising methods of working together without "pecking" each other to death to get to the top. These methods encourage team work, open minded strategic thinking and, of all things, friendship amongst co-workers.

I personally found several of Margaret's points hitting close to home as I've always operated with a "no trophy needed" motto with respect to leadership. In many cases its my job to create a road map and provide "roadside assistance" as our team works to create a marketing or communications solution for a client or a cause. Once we've reached our goal and it's time for recognition and rewards, it's all about recognizing the people doing the day to day directional work....not about the map maker. Cheers to Margaret and one of my favorite Ted Talks.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Trademark Law | Is your trademark in jeopardy?

Are you launching a business or do you have a risky or possibly offensive brand name and logo? On Monday, June 24th, 2019 the Supreme Court of the United States possibly ruled in your favor and the company at the epicenter of this major case is clothing brand name "FUCT." Read the interesting article on Fox News below and talk to your Trademark Attorney about saving your business from being "FUCT" if for some reason you do create a brand that crosses the new legal line set by the highest court in the land of the free. 

Supreme Court strikes down ban on scandalous trademarks, in dispute over 'FUCT' clothing line

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down part of a federal law blocking trademarks for names or logos bearing "immoral" or "scandalous" images -- including profanity and sexual imagery. The justices said in a unanimous ruling that the law violated the constitutional rights of designer Erik Brunetti.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Top 10 Reasons Our Agency Loves Constant Contact

Constant Contact is GBM Marketing's choice for eMail marketing because it allows us to focus on quality content and optimization without getting stuck in application set up hell. But, most of all we love the click through rates our clients get with every campaign!

Top 10 reasons to use Constant Contact
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Wow...what a great feeling when you create an email campaign for a Century21 franchise and land a 54% click through rate from a targeted email list. In the world of proactive marketing results like this most certainly lead to phone calls, emails and good conversations between agents and prospects. And, we all know that quality conversations lead to closed sales.

One important reason why we use Constant Contact is that we can focus on quality content production and optimization without spending too much time fine tuning the email marketing templates, images and links. This is because the developers behind the Constant Contact interface have engineered easy to use "what you see is what you get" tools that are fast and reliable for any level of publisher. The finished publications look professional and respond well with all types of devices. This also makes our agency confident when we commit to delivering marketing and communications results quickly and cost effectively.