Monday, June 17, 2019

Top 10 Reasons Our Agency Loves Constant Contact

Constant Contact is GBM Marketing's choice for eMail marketing because it allows us to focus on quality content and optimization without getting stuck in application set up hell. But, most of all we love the click through rates our clients get with every campaign!

Top 10 reasons to use Constant Contact
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Wow...what a great feeling when you create an email campaign for a Century21 franchise and land a 54% click through rate from a targeted email list. In the world of proactive marketing results like this most certainly lead to phone calls, emails and good conversations between agents and prospects. And, we all know that quality conversations lead to closed sales.

One important reason why we use Constant Contact is that we can focus on quality content production and optimization without spending too much time fine tuning the email marketing templates, images and links. This is because the developers behind the Constant Contact interface have engineered easy to use "what you see is what you get" tools that are fast and reliable for any level of publisher. The finished publications look professional and respond well with all types of devices. This also makes our agency confident when we commit to delivering marketing and communications results quickly and cost effectively.

🟊🟊🟊Here are GBM Marketing's Top Reasons for Using Constant Contact:

#1. The application is lighting fast and requires very little customization.

#2. Branding and graphic design are easy to incorporate into templates.

#3. Adding copy, images, links and other content is fast and intuitive.

#4. Before publishing an e-newsletter or promotion you can test the template's appearance and performance across mobile and desktop devices.

#5. List creation and management are very user friendly. Assigning communications to specific lists is point and click easy.

#6. Publishers can create new contact lists and segment these for click-through tracking and targeted re-marketing campaigns and follow up.

#7. Link tracking and click through rates are easy to view in Constant Contact reports. It is also simple to share results with your clients.

#8. Scheduling campaigns is simple. This is helpful if you are working from a busy editorial calendar.

#9. Constant Contact has helpful integrations that make it easy to connect with popular applications like, Facebook Pages, WordPress and others. This is particularly helpful for list building and customer relationship management.

#10. Constant Contact has quality technical support. This always comes in handy.

The ten tips above are reasons to get started with Constant Contact if email marketing to your prospects and clients is part of your marketing or re-marketing strategy. If you are on the fence about the benefits of email marketing we have all types of facts and figures to help you make an informed decision. Just ask!