Thursday, May 23, 2019

Facebook Marketing Tip: Schedule Your Posts To Save Time

Facebook has become an incredible communication tool for businesses of all types and may be a perfect fit for your online marketing and social media needs. BUT...unless you have the luxury of a marketing department staffed with talented writers or a social media agency working to tell your story a few times a week, you may find yourself at a loss for time to keep a steady flow of interesting posts on your news feed. Until now!

Facebook Marketing Tip - Schedule Your Posts
Let's say you want to keep your Facebook followers up to speed about government legislation that can impact their business and the products or services they purchase from you. Follow these steps:

Facebook marketing tips and shortcuts from GBM Marketing
Click to enlarge and see how to schedule your posts on Facebook

Step 1. Set aside a few hours one day a week and search online for quality articles, blog posts, video clips and podcasts that you feel are informative for your prospects and customers.

Step 2. Open Facebook and navigate to your business page or group and click the publishing link at the top. Next click the "Create" button to the right side of your screen.

Step 3. In the pop up tile write a brief introduction about the content you are sharing and paste the content link below the copy. You should then see the content's social share thumbnail and linked text snippet appear (compliments of the owner of the content). At this point you can delete the actual link you pasted - Facebook is intuitive and knows that you are linking to outside content so no need for the long web site address to the final landing page.

Step 4.  Next click on the "Share Now" button at the bottom of the pop up tile and choose "Schedule". Follow the simple and clear steps to schedule your post for a future date and time and move on to your next piece of content.

Once you get the hang of this method your speed to publish will improve and before you know it your followers will be reading quality content on a regular basis - compliments of your company's research and market awareness. This is great for businesses, non profits, and all types of groups that have an appetite for staying informed.