Sunday, May 5, 2019

Why isn't my web site indexed by Google?

The answer may be as simple as - you don't have a Site Map! That's correct and some of you may be laughing but believe it or not, we come across customers with this search engine marketing problem from time to time and fortunately it's a very easy, yet very important fix.

site map optimization for seo
Click to enlarge and see what happens without a site map.
What is a Site Map? Let's just say that it's not visible to visitors and it serves more as a guide for search engines to quickly understand the content on your web site and how it is organized. Without this "digital map" your web site is like a book in a mega library and nobody knows how to find it. Furthermore, if someone is using Google Search to find your product or service and Google doesn't see your Site Map - everyone is lost.

How do you check to see if your web site and all pages are indexed? The best method is to go to Google Search and type in When the screen refreshes you will quickly see the results. If you are indexed - great! You should see all of the pages that are indexed along with the page title, link and content description. If you don't see any pages your web site is invisible - until now!

Depending upon the type of web site content management system (CMS) you are using (Word Press for example) there is an easy and quick fix that will instantly lower your stress and help people find your web site.

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