Sunday, February 18, 2018

Are you in web site re-launch hell?

Have you been wrestling with the re-launch of your top performing web site? If so, we just went through the same experience - and we are experts in this type of service. So, join the crowd or give us a call to talk about what we've learned, what we did right and how our experiences may be able to help you navigate a sea of important marketing decisions.

Our biggest problems were:

1. Outdated and totally customized CMS (content management system).
2. Fear of upsetting a good thing - our "old stuff" was still working but the future was grim.
3. Confusion with Google's ongoing and ever-changing perspective on search optimization.
4. The old web site was breaking and we had no support.
5. Hacks and penalties were causing a steady decline in traffic and visitor trust.
6. Our dependency on outside developers was too much and not secure.

Do any (or all) of these sound familiar? I'm sure that they do - especially if you are a small business without in-house tech savvy staffers. For us...we literally paid more attention to our client's needs than our own and this forced us "back to school" and it worked!

Now we are back to business with our top modular building industry web site and focused on creating quality content and optimization. Our statistics are improving after a nerve-racking six months and we are having fun again. The data we collect and use for our marketing services is flowing.

Are you ready for web site re-launch school?