Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's Always Nice To Get Involved

GBM Marketing's Matt Banes saves Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica
GBM Marketing, Inc. helps save
Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica. 
Other than your profession...and family...what gives you a sense of purpose in life? Better yet, do you ever use your skills to help a charity or special cause? Good for you if you answered yes!

At GBM Marketing, Inc. we like to get involved in causes and here's one that we love to "Howl" about. Have a look at the article linked below and then browse the Nosara Refuge for Wildlife's web site to learn all about saving Howler Monkeys that have been electrocuted on high power lines in remote parts of Costa Rica. The mission of the Rescue is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release all types of injured wildlife after man-made or natural accidents occur - with a special emphasis on the Howler monkey electrocution crisis.

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