Saturday, April 27, 2019

20 Year Old Web Site Get's A Fresh Look, Fresh Content helps you find a modular building's new home page.
Since 1998 has been helping schools, churches, businesses and government agencies learn about the benefits of using modular buildings for temporary and permanent facility space needs. The web site has also helped thousands of people connect with local modular building suppliers in order to make smart rental and purchase decisions - and save money by shopping smart.

Early in January 2018 the new web site and blog were launched by GBM Marketing, Inc. along with new search optimization and content strategies. The web site's updated design is not only easier for users to navigate and find the modular building solution they's also "super charged" with new and updated articles and tools that make it very easy for readers to find answers and make good decisions throughout their buying process.

Modular buildings are used around the globe for short and long term space requirements by all types of businesses and organizations. For example, when a school is out of classroom space a modular classroom can be delivered quickly to solve this facility problem. If a oil refinery has a special project and needs space for twenty temporary engineers - a modular office trailer can meet that need quickly and cost effectively. plays the role of "connecting" people in need of space with modular building companies and service providers.

With the web site's redesign, helpful content and twenty years of online history - this relaunch will springboard into another decade of marketing success in the modular building industry.