Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Are Your Superstar Employees Suppressing Other's Productivity?

We've all been conditioned to believe that superstars are required to accomplish huge victories in everything from sports to business...until now! In this Ted Talk, Margaret Heffernan uses a humorous but factual analogy of what she refers to as "super chickens" to kick off her observations of how employees can accomplish incredible results using some surprising methods of working together without "pecking" each other to death to get to the top. These methods encourage team work, open minded strategic thinking and, of all things, friendship amongst co-workers.

I personally found several of Margaret's points hitting close to home as I've always operated with a "no trophy needed" motto with respect to leadership. In many cases its my job to create a road map and provide "roadside assistance" as our team works to create a marketing or communications solution for a client or a cause. Once we've reached our goal and it's time for recognition and rewards, it's all about recognizing the people doing the day to day directional work....not about the map maker. Cheers to Margaret and one of my favorite Ted Talks.